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Dog Training PLR Pack (745 Articles + 5 Dog eBooks)

dog training plr

Owning a dog is a luxury but training a dog is a different story altogether. Many people struggle with getting their dogs to behave properly at home and obey orders, hence inducing negative relationships between dogs and their owners. To ensure that positive relationships are built, it is important that one is equipped with knowledge in handling dogs before one even decides to adopt a dog. So. if you are in the pets niche and you are searching for tips and strategies on how to train dogs properly, this Dog Training PLR Content Pack will offer good advice which will make you feel more confident in training dogs.

dog training plr

An image of a dog demolishing a chair – a possible consequence of poor dog training

You can use the content offered in this pack to educate your readers on how to train their dogs in a much smarter way, which will, therefore, build more positive relations between dogs and their owners. You can also better promote your dog-related business, converting your readers into frequent buyers.

There is a various topic about dogs you may find in this package that can help you promote dog-related products, such as pet products from Amazon or digital products from Clickbank. You can also use the content in the package to create viral reports and autoresponder series, after add in the relevant product/affiliate links, you can subsequently promote your products to your visitors on your website. They are perfect to use for pre-sell content.

This Dog Training PLR Mega Pack includes the following materials:

745 Dog PLR Articles:

  • Dog Training PLR – 142 Articles
  • Dog Grooming PLR – 12 Articles
  • Dog Health PLR – 28 Articles
  • Puppy PLR – 88 Articles
  • All About Dog PLR – 475 Articles

5 Dog eBooks With Master Resale Rights

You can use these ebooks as a sign-up bonus to build your list or resell them to your readers.

1) Dog Training Techniques (19 pages, PDF)

You will learn great information on training your dog, it will walk you, step-by-step through the exact process we developed to help people get all the info they need to be a success.

Inside this eBook:

  • Training Basics
  • What Equipment Do You Need
  • Start With Easy Commands
  • Moving On To More Advanced Commands
  • House Training
  • And so much more!

2) For The Love Of Dogs (25 pages,PDF)

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. But did you know that having a dog gives you several health benefits?

Inside this eBook:

  • What People Need to Know About Dog Behavior
  • Dogs During Labor
  • When Your Best Friend Gets Lost – Tips In Finding Your Dog
  • The Naming Game
  • Preventing Your Dog From Catching Diseases
  • Tips For Buying Dog Food
  • Essential Care Tips for Your Dog
  • Five Simple Tips To Get Your Dog Ready For Dog Shows
  • Adopting A Dog – Puppy Or Adult?

3) 100 Dog Training Tips Report (13 pages, PDF)

The first three tips:

1. Be committed.
Do not get a puppy or a dog for a pet if you are not fully committed in caring for it. Without commitment, you can never train your pet effectively. By being committed, as well as by loving your pet, you would have the necessary drive to do what needs to be done, in order to train him well.

2. Never give up.
Whether you are trying to train a dog or a puppy, you need to be aware that it requires time and a lot of patience, in order to get your pet to perform the things you want him to do. In other words, you need to be patient about it. Aside from that, you should never give up, so that he would be able to understand what you want and do it.

3. Be positive.
Be positive at all times when it comes to training your dog. A positive attitude will mean a lot for your pet, since he can feel when you become frustrated or angry. Being positive means that you have to praise him whenever he does something good. Aside from that, you should also believe that your pet can do it, so as to encourage a more positive atmosphere.

4) Dog Potty Training (28 pages, PDF)

This eBook features everything you’ll need to deal with these little mishaps, from the best way to react to tips on how to clean up. Inside:

  • How often will my Puppy Need to Eliminate
  • What are the signs that your puppy is going to urine
  • Puppy or Adult Toilet Training, Is There a Difference?
  • Potty Training Strategies
  • Choosing Your Pup’s Toilet Spot
  • How Often Should You Take Him Out?
  • The Housebreaking Cycle
  • Eliminating Accidents
  • and more…………..

5) Doggie Deciding (22 pages, PDF)

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family!

Inside this eBook:

  • Choosing A Dog Basics
  • Utilize Your Vets Knowledge
  • Think About Your Daily Routine
  • Think About Your Surroundings
  • Decide The Dogs Purpose
  • And so much more!

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Dog Training PLR

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